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nubbl is something I wish I had growing up

As a kid, I played countless hours of videogames, and I was horribly depressed and lonely. Those were the hardest years of my life, and I wanted nothing more than to make new friends who played the same games I did and to be happy. But I wasn't able to do it.

Thankfully, I made it through those years. But looking back, I wish I had something to make it easier. So I quit my job as a software developer to make something for the next person who faces that challenge.

It's my hope that this will help some people out, and I know it already has.

To make people the focus of gaming

The best thing gaming has to offer are the gamers. It's the people you play with, the relationships you form, the memories you create.

But most modern games aren't designed for this. You get paired with randoms and when the round is over, you'll never see them again. You can add them to your friends list, but there's a good chance you'll have little to say to one another.

There's a lot of room for improvement.

And to Make. New. Games.

I've wanted to make games since I was a kid, and that desire has never left me. But it's hard. It takes a lot of hard work and talent to make a good game, and for all of our determination, few among us can buckle down for the months and years required to put all of that together on our own.

And that's where nubbl comes in. I don't just want to play games, I want to build them too.

People agree

Alpha & beta signups

Want a new gamer buddy?

Browse people's profiles, see who's looking to play, and maybe even find someone in your city. Fill out your profile and create a new post letting everyone know just who and what you're looking for.

While you're at it, feel free to recruit for your guild, clan, tabletop group, LARPing expedition, or whatever you've got! Hell, you can even post both online and offline gaming events, tournaments, raids, or whatever you can think of.

Ready to make a game?

Did I hear someone say freelancer? Uh, did I mention you're free to find gigs on here and I'm not going to try to charge you a fee for it? Go make a post and fill out your profile. I wish you the best!

Already making a game? There's a whole section dedicated to project listings, and once you've made one you can directly embed it into your posts. Easy peasy.

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