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Primary brand colour, reserved for major accents. Overuse can be exhausting on the eyes.
For items of notable interest, such as usernames.
For links, interactable items, and items of low or secondary interest.
We were running out of colours to make things stand out, so we added this one.
For items of exceptionally notable interest, such as the current user's name. Do not overuse this.
For when we've overused the previous color.
For positive items; great for letting the user know something was successful.
For negative items; great for getting the user's attention of someting gone wrong.
Background, provides great contrast for the primary colors.
Another background, also provides great contrast for the primary colors.
Yet another background, for when we're running out of backgrounds.


These are the release notes. If you'd like a more humanized telling of the story of nubbl, please reach out via email or visit our about page.

2019-08-16 - Two new people are now on the team and helping to work towards launching the creator side of nubbl. More details to come in a blog post. Some details have already been posted to #announcements in the Discord server.


  1. Added projects to the user dashboard.
  2. Posts can now be bumped on a cooldown. Previously posts were bumped whenever they were updated, and there were no cooldown limitations.
  3. Bumping system was made abstract enough to be implemented on other resources in the future.
  4. Projects can now be deleted.
  5. Posts can now be deleted (previously they could only be closed).
  6. Added hourly messaging limitations to prevent spam.
  7. Playing and Creating posts now have separate post count limits. Users can create more Playing posts than Creating posts.
  8. Playing and Creating posts now have separate max durations. Playing posts can last for longer than Creating posts.
  9. Subbed users can now create more posts.
  10. Subbed users can now create more projects.
  11. Subbed users now get reduced bump cooldowns.
  12. Subbed users now get longer (or unlimited) durations on their posts.
  13. Subbed users now get special highlights to their username.
  14. Subbed users can now change their username.
  15. Updated the subscriptions page, though it is still locked out on the production server.
  16. Fixed some bugs with post creation not carrying values over on edited posts, or inputs not updating properly when switching between playing, creating, wanted, and offering posts.
  17. Fixed a bug where reacting to your own content would notify you that you reacted to it.
  18. Added Influencer and Streamer to creator roles.
  19. Fixed navbar 'beta' link.

2019-07-17 - We've been putting focus on developing our business model and marketing strategies more recently, but here's a few changes we were able to push out during this time:

  1. Added comments sections to posts and projects.
  2. Added an interactive 'Share' feature to posts, projects, and user profiles.
  3. Added blogging support. There aren't any blogs yet, so there's nothing to show for it until we post one.
  4. Added 'favorite' (star) feature for posts and projects. Added support for both browsing posts and projects and/or viewing an individual post or project.
  5. Added 'like' (heart) feature for comments.
  6. Added reply feature and reply chains for comments. (start separate comment threads in the comments)
  7. Added notifications for when someone favorites your post or comments on it.
  8. Added notifications for when someone favorites your project or comments on it.
  9. Added notifications for likes on comments and comment replies.
  10. Back-end refactoring and code quality improvements.
  11. Fixed a bug where some posts weren't listing the author's level of experience. (eg. 2-4 years, 6-10 years, etc.)
  12. Fixed bugs with posts where some fields were being emptied when the post was edited.
  13. Various UI and UX tweaks and improvements.
  14. Various bugfixes, back-end improvements, SEO improvements (including how your posts, projects, and profile show up in Google searches [and other search engines])

2019-06-28 - Fixed a major bug preventing any posts from being viewed.

2019-06-27 - We're going through a new round of user testing with creators and we've received a lot of excellent feedback. Thank you to everyone who has been able to participate! Here's a list of the first round of changes, with more to come:

  1. Added an upvote/'like' system for posts and projects. This system can and will be expanded to other areas of nubbl in the future.
  2. Changed what features/UI shows up if you've registered as a creator and not a gamer. Previously, many gamer specific inputs were still shown/available, such as entering what games you play, or being encouraged to add your age. These are now hidden/omitted if you're not on nubbl to play games. This is in response to professionally in the game development industry pointing out these inconsistencies.
  3. Added 'Agency' and 'Studio' to the list of available roles for creators.
  4. Changed a lot of the copy in nubbl to read more professionally. Removed a lot of flavour text that was intended for a gaming audience, but really doesn't fit for the professional creator audience. Also made capitalization more consistent throughout most input fields.
  5. Increased the username length from 16 characters to 20.
  6. Added a system that separates gaming questions from creating questions in the Q&A section. If you're only here for creating and not gaming, you'll no longer see the gaming questions, and vice versa.
  7. Other small improvements to the Q&A system.
  8. Major bugfix to the feature that guesses a user's location and suggests it to them when they're putting in their location.
  9. Placed a higher UI emphasis on 'Paid' and 'For Pay' posts.
  10. Fixes to what goals are shown as active/inactive on your profile and dashboard.
  11. Numerous fixes to how media is displayed. (images, video, rich links, etc.)
  12. Bug fixes to how links are displayed when associated with a post or user profile.
  13. Placed higher emphasis on creating a new post in the messages that appear to a new user near the top of the page.
  14. Prompts for new users to fill out information at the top of the page no longer show prompts for gaming information if the user hasn't indicated that they're on nubbl to play games.
  15. Sections such as games and gaming availability are now omitted from a users profile if they're empty and the user isn't on nubbl to play games.
  16. Changed the dashboard layout to something very simple for the time being.
  17. Fixed a bug when registering as a new user.
  18. Various UI and UX tweaks throughout.
  19. Various bugfixes throughout.

2019-06-18 - nubbl has been moved into closed beta for controlled testing. Please test as many features as you're able and use the bug reporting button in the bottom right of your window!

If you have any other questions or feedback, email or join our Discord and visit the #feedback channel.

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