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Ladder reset

Organized by IslandOfMisfitToys (SmokeDeath)
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  • Ended ago
  • 8h long
  • to your time
  • 2 people went
  • LFM (8)
  1. diablo-2 Windows


Fuck bitches get money

_________Ladder_Reset___ISLAND OF MISFIT TOYS____________________

###Group Members###

1)))CaptInsano Class:Sorc ||Blizzy-->Light || Merc:Faith/fill

2) ))Prezzo Class:Pally||Auradin-->Hams || Merc:HolyFreeze

3)))Daquiri Class:Necro||Summy/FishyMan || Merc:Might&Thorns

4)))Cuirls Class:Zona ||Bow--->Javazon || Merc:Blessed Aim

5)))SmokeDeath. Class:Sorc ||Fire-->Blizzy || Merc:Prayer&Insight

6)))Lemmings Class:Pally||Zealer/hammy???|| Merc: Might

7)))Logi Class:Druid||Summons-->Windy|| Merc:Defiance&Insight

8)))izzer. Class:Sin ||Trapper-->kick?|| Merc: Fill


Recent Comments

  • Lemmings19
    @SmokeDeath did you set the max attendees to 10? Shouldn't it be 8?
  • Lemmings19
    I'll be taking slot #7. Happy to roll whatever kind of Paladin or any other character that is needed, just let me know.