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Slash Gaming - Diablo II Private Server

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**Slash Diablo is a fan hosted Blizzlike (mostly) Diablo 2 community with an active userbase.**

- **[Welcome post, information & guides](**

- **[Achievement system](**

- **[Armory website](**

- **[Discord](**

This is a friendly community, mostly made up of Diablo 2 enthusiasts who played it growing up.

Ladder resets happen 3-4 times per year. The community is most active at these times.

The subreddit is very active, with 8,500 users and 100+ online:

The Discord is very active, with 600+ people regularly online:

Rules: Don't be a dick, don't bot, no third-party trading. Simple.

- History: 6 years

- Ladder Resets: Every 4 months

- Multibox: Allowed, 4 limit

- Maphack: Allowed, approved only

- High Res: Approved Slash/Resurgence Mod ONLY.

- BNET differences: No realm down, no perming, no expiry, DClone spawned in single game by selling 'Herb' (GUL + TP in cube), no CD key checks, real rune economy

To get started with Slash, head over to the Setup Guide or ask someone on the Discord for help!


  1. Slash Diablo 2 LADDER RESET: 8PM EST, 22 MARCH
    slash-diablo diablo-2
    Ended ago

    4 went



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