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  • Kapolei, HI, USA
  • UTC -10 (HST)
  • English
  • Gamer
  • Open to meeting IRL
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Playing a lot of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and not much else ATM!

Preferred Playtimes

  • UTC -10 (HST)
  • Evenings 4-8pm
  • Nights 8-12pm
  • Mondays
  • Tuesdays
  • Wednesdays
  • Thursdays
  • Fridays
  • Saturdays
  • Sundays

Questions & Answers 10 of 10 answered

  • Q1 Are you actively looking to create a video game?
  • No
    "I have some ideas for games i'd like to see made but I have never taken up any kind of video game design or programming classes so I don't know how to make anything."
  • Q2 Are you actively looking to create a tabletop game?
  • Yes
    "I don't know if this means make a group or make a new game entirely, I'd be interested in both!"
  • Q3 Do you actively play games on 'retro' consoles?
  • Yes
    "how loosely are we using 'retro' I play my old PlayStations back to the original and sometimes when I'm feeling nostalgic I'll get on my game boy advance SP and play old game boy color games!"
  • Q4 Do you play games competitively?
  • No, but I want to
    "Competitive gaming sounds exciting but I don't have the time or the skill to get into any, but I would try if I had some motivated people to compete with."
  • Q5 Are you looking for a group? (guild, clan, etc.)
  • Yes
    "Sure, I'm not playing any MMO's but I mean a group of gaming buddies sounds fun, I'm a vulgar and offensive person though so... yeah."
  • Q6 Do you stream online?
  • Yes
    "sometimes, very casually, you can find me at VaradunGames on twitch!"
  • Q7 Do you prefer to play with people online or in person?
  • No preference
    "Both are fine, a good LAN party is SO FUN but it's hard to set those up now a days, Online is just more convenient, also I'm looking for a DM for pathfinder, preferably in person!"
  • Q8 Do you compete in gaming tournaments?
  • No, but I want to
    "If I had time and skill!"
  • Q9 Do you prefer multiplayer or singleplayer?
  • No preference
    "I'm a huge fan of single player story driven RPG's those are my favorite but I do spend a fair amount of time playing multiplayer games! Though I hardly ever play FPS unless there's zombies."
  • Q10 Do you want to play games all day every day?
  • Yes
    "I only wish."
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