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  • Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • UTC (GMT / WET)
  • English
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Hey, I'm Ian, I've been a gamer since I was a young lad and still do a fair bit of it when time allows.

I'm mostly into MMOs, shooters and RTS, though there's not a particular game I'm heavily into right now. I'd probably get a lot more enjoyment out of team-based games such as Overwatch and Battlerite if I found some folks to game with. At the moment I'm just hopping into games like that once and a while and mostly playing Total War, as lone wolf play is more often than not an exercise in frustration.


  1. overwatch Windows semi-seriously
  2. heroes-of-the-storm Windows semi-seriously
  3. rising-storm-2-vietnam Windows semi-seriously
  4. battlerite Windows semi-seriously
  5. world-of-warcraft Windows semi-seriously


Preferred Playtimes

  • UTC (GMT / WET)
  • Evenings 4-8pm
  • Nights 8-12pm

Questions & Answers 10 of 10 answered

  • Q1 Are you actively looking to create a video game?
  • No
    "Nope, though I've plenty of opinions about what I reckon would make a good game."
  • Q2 Are you actively looking to create a tabletop game?
  • No
  • Q3 Do you actively play games on 'retro' consoles?
  • No
  • Q4 Do you play games competitively?
  • No, but I want to
    "Assuming it's within a friendly atmosphere as part of a good group who can both have a laugh and get things done."
  • Q5 Are you looking for a group? (guild, clan, etc.)
  • No
    "I'm part of a guild, but we're not very active right now."
  • Q6 Do you stream online?
  • No, but I want to
    "I've dappled in it, but finding the time for it is a challenge right now."
  • Q7 Do you prefer to play with people online or in person?
  • No preference
    "Generally online, given that I play on PC"
  • Q8 Do you compete in gaming tournaments?
  • No
  • Q9 Do you prefer multiplayer or singleplayer?
  • Multiplayer
    "I'm a PvP kind of guy."
  • Q10 Do you want to play games all day every day?
  • Yes
    "If I got paid to do it and not considering practicalities such as future prospects? Sure."
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